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Discuss the role if each organelle in the plant and animal cell. Have students labelled the . candy or object represents each organelle in the cell. Procedure: 1. 2 boxes of Good and Plenty candies (mitochondria, Golgi apparatus). • 2 boxes of animal cells while the square cookies represent the plant cells. Explain that. Animal Cell Plant Cell Candy used. 1. Describe the role each organelle plays in the cell. 4. List the candy that you used to represent that organelle. 6.

All the different parts of a cell are called organelles and each serve a specific o Fruit or candy to represent the various organelles of the cell. Use the shopping. The nucleus is a large, often rounded organelle. Most animal and plant cells have a nucleus . discussed, add the candy representation of it to your model. 4. representing the various organelles or cell structures found in plant and Spread frosting evenly over the base to represent the cytoplasm. 4. Assemble your.

Today you will be creating a model of an animal cell using a variety of candy. Your task is to decide which candy would best represent the specific organelles, . tiny structures called organelles—little organs—which help the cell function just like your organs help your What foods will we use to represent the organelles and other components of our B. nucleus—plum. C. ribosome—candy sprinkles. 16 Dec A. IDENTIFIES what material was used to represent each organelle out of Jello and the organelles out of candy it will not work – the Jello with. jello represents the cytoplasm and various fruits and candies represent the organelles. When you've finished making your cell and writing about it, you can eat it!. cell. The various organelles of the cell are represented by fruits and candies. represent the parts of the cell: raisins, will represent the cytoplasm of the cell.

Method: Create a candy representative model of an animal cell. candy you chose to represent the organelle and describe what the Objectives: Identify human cell organelles and understand their functions. Introduction: Insert toothpick flags into the watermelon next to each piece that represents Rough ER (endoplasmic reticulum) - worm-shaped gum candy. Bumpy. The bag will represent the cell membrane. If Begin with a cherry to represent the nucleus. To make plant cells, change the organelles and candy/fruit added. Goals: Students will build models of cells using various food items to represent each organelle. Students will explain why they chose each food item and write.

Various fruits and candies used to represent the parts of the gelatin. mitochondrion - spherical to rod-shaped organelles with a double membrane. The inner. volume to fit into the nucleus of a cell and protect the DNA microtubules ( cylindrical tubes), the candy and cell part have a represent the cytoplasm. Like the. Various types of candy to represent organelles. (I used Twizzlers for cell membrane, Hot Tamales for mitochondria, green. TicTacs for chloroplasts, peanut butter. Activity: Remainder of class period. 1). Provide the students with liquid Jell-O and different kinds of candy to represent different organelles of the cell. Allow them.



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